Section dedicated to the results


The contribution of the project in terms of impacts (on the only companies to REFIBRE partners) are:

  • Waste reduction:
    • 200 ton/year waste landfill
    • 1.000 ton/year  waste destined for incineration 

  •   GHG emissions:
    • CO2 equivalent, saving about 4 Tons of CO2 equivalent for each Tonne of fibrer used
    • SO2 equivalent, saving about 10.8 Kg di SO2 equivalent for each Tonne of fibrer used
    • fine powders (PM2.5 , 5, 10), saving about 1.3 Kg of fine powders for each Tonne of fibrer used
  • The use of recycled fibre as secondary raw material:
    • Production o f 6,000 tons/year of plastic PP compounds (20% by weight) sufficient to make about 400,000 bins with 240 litre volume for waste garbage collection
    • Produce 400,000 tons/year of reinforced asphalt (0.3% by weight) sufficient for the refurbishment of a 200 Km road