The project is supported by a network of companies each with specific expertise on topics which are complementary but that are functional to the project.

The participating companies are:

  • STECA Spa: among other activities has a plant for the recovery of ELTs
  • TIRES Spa designs and manufactures equipment for the treatment of waste materials, including ELTs
  • TECNOFILM Spa: produces and sells plastic compounds
  • TOTO Spa: among other activities manages some roads and highways

The external partners are to:

  • FABBIONI AND PARTNERS: study engineering and consulting
  • ASTOLFI Spa: consultancy firm

The details of the various parties involved are given in dedicated sections

PARTNER torna su

Coordinator Partner


Steca Spa

STECA s.p.a.  is being on the market for nearly three decades. Since 90s it entered the environmental sector through activities such as: management of landfills, transport and waste recovery, and management of water depuration systems.

In 2008, the Steca started an innovative plant for recovery and processing of end of life tires (ELT) in Fermo, where ELT of vehicles are processed and recycled. ELT treatment mainly generates elastomeric rubber in the form of granules and powders which is used as secondary raw material
in various sectors (building, street furnitures, asphalts, synthetic grass). The working process of ELT is very eco-efficient and occurs mechanically without the use of any solvents or chemicals.

The Steca s.p.a. has an R&D department consisting of highly qualified technical staff. Most of the R&D activities are supported by internal resources and aim to improve the performance of individual processes, to maximize the recovery of materials and to limit energy use.

The company provides and manages several high technology plants. With regard to the purpose of this project we mention that for the recovery of ELTs is fully automated and controlled by PLC. This allows to work about 10,000 tonnes/year of ELTs with only two technicians per shift and to continuously monitor the process. The whole plant is monitored by sensors that detect anomalies, hazards and levels of production.
The plant is being upgraded and will soon be able to double the amount of ELT treated.

Excellence in management, high recovery rates and attention to all environmental issues make the ELT treatment plant at Steca a landmark in the landscape of recycling tires in Italy. Thus Steca has been chosen in 2012 by Ecopneus (the Italian consortium for the recovery of ELT) for its project "Open Plants". Steca holds also the quality trademark "Ecopneus Certified Product " for the quality and high raw material
characteristics resulting from ETLs recovery.

Associate Partner


Tires Spa

TIRES s.p.a. is a small leading company at national level in the design and manufacturing of machinery and complete plants for the production of end-of-life tyre recycling. The company is able to develop the most efficient and sophisticated technologies. These skills have been achieved with the help of high technology firms and major annual investments for the advancement of know-how. Its facilities provide various stages of reduction of harmful elements released into the atmosphere, such as dust, water and noise; thus able to contain a major cause of pollution.

Tires s.p.a. has diversified the market even in the recovery of tires for earthmoving machines that make its plants among the most innovative in the field. It has also been working on various innovative applications, offering increasingly large commercial outlets for products derived from ELTs. The company has a very qualified team (two industrial experts and a skilled technician), who have decades of experience in the design of machines to solve the particular problems of the processes involved. For instance, Tires has developed a new system for the recovery of WEEE which allows to separate the various components of electrical and electronic devices to be then initiated to the recovery process. Tires has succeeded in creating an innovative process that allows to get a rubber granule free of textile fibers and steel wires with 99.9995% purity.

In REFIBRE, Tires collaborate in the design, development and construction of the prototype machine used to make the fibres workable in subsequent processes (compound and asphalt production).


Tecnofilm Spa

Tecnofilms S.p.a.  is today one of the first European industries producing functionalized polyolefins and thermoplastic compounds for the footwear industry is that the production of technical articles. Tecnofilm continues in the field of thermoplastic compounds the business started in 1972 by Euronord, from whom he inherited specificity and know-how. Over the years, Tecnofilm has gradually expanded and refurbished systems technology to become more and more competitive on the market.

Modern technology and skilled human resources allow Tecnofilm to offer a wide range of compounds and functionalized polyolefins and a qualified technical assistance to its clients. The production facilities are the result of the most advanced technology in the field. The operations are fully automated and controlled by a central computer. A modern department, specifically equipped, is used for the preparation of samples.

The R&D laboratory, led by highly skilled technicians, working in partnership with universities and customers to provide timely solutions and innovative products. The research is particularly focused on the development of products with high environmental compatibility.

Tecnofilm invests heavily in innovation for environmental protection. The company is committed to meet the challenge of sustainable development, combining economy and preservation of nature as seen in this combination a resource for the community and future generations, for business customers, for their business. In the project REFIBRE, Tecnofilm collaborate in the definition of functionalized polyolefins and thermoplastic compounds modified with recycled fibres by ELTs and contribute to the activities of test and demonstration.


Toto Costruzioni Generali Spa

Toto Costruzioni Generali SpA, founded in the early 60s by the brothers Ignazio Antonio and Carlo Toto, is today a construction company which operates as a General Contractor and EPC Contractor in the construction of major infrastructure projects. Toto employs today 565 people with a turnover of about 250 mio Euro.

The Company is a European leader in tunneling and in the construction of bridges, viaducts and activity of heavy prefabrication, as well as complex infrastructure projects both in road and rail. For example, Toto is involved in some of the most important infrastructural project in Italy such as the strategic “variante di valico” between Bologna and Florence contracted by Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A. Besides construction activities, Toto Costruzioni Generali is part of Toto Group is active also in motorway concessions, aviation, rail transport, engineering, construction and management of renewable energy systems.

The know-how of the company is proven by highly specialized engineers, continuous research and development investments, the use of the most advanced construction methods and high quality standards. 

In the project REFIBRE, Toto Costruzioni Generali SpA will collaborate in the definition of modified asphalt with recycled canvas by PFU and contribute to the activities of test and demonstration.

External Support torna su

The technical and scientific support to the LIFE project is provided by the following entities:



FABBIONI and Partners is a technical study of Engineering and Architecture with experience and expertise in the coordination and management of projects in the environmental field, as well as in the research and development of innovative solutions.



The ASTOLFI S.p.A.  is a consulting company for the grant awards.
Thanks to its team of specialists, the Astolfi S.p.A. is able to offer a comprehensive service ranging from the identification of legislative references to the obtaining of concessions following the customer during the entire procedure, this work is done by producing all the technical and administrative documentation necessary.

The company provides its consulting services and support without requiring any advance payment by the customer, the benefits will be paid only after the granting of concessions.

UN. Poltecnica delle Marche - Dipartimento DICEA

UN. Poltecnica delle Marche - Dipartimento DICEA

The Department of Civil Engineering, Construction and Architecture carries in its name the very essence of his nature - the structure: four souls - sections that work through different pathways, to safeguard the recovery and development of the territory and its built.

relevant to the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, a museum and exhibitions, archives for the documentation and study of historical architecture documents, web communication, new frontiers of architectural design
automation of the site, adaptive building control, advanced modeling, diagnostics, construction management, design theory, project management, energy efficiency, building envelope science and technology, green building design and energy retrofits, LCA assessment, conservation of architectural heritage , recovery and restoration
hydraulic, marine hydraulics, environmental hydraulics, hydraulic engineering, marine construction, offshore engineering, design and construction of roads, designing and construction of transport infrastructure, environmental impact assessment of hydraulic and road infrastructures.
mechanics of materials, modeling and analysis of structures, buildings in seismic areas, structural rehabilitation, innovative techniques for seismic protection through isolation and dissipation systems, material testing and prototyping, diagnostics of existing structures

UN. Poltecnica delle Marche - Dipartimento DIISM

UN. Poltecnica delle Marche - Dipartimento DIISM

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Building and ArchitetturaIl born in July 2011 following the merger of the former Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Energetics and Mathematical Sciences. The DIISM promotes excellence activities in most of the research areas of interest to the Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.
The DIISM coordinates the Bachelor and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering; the degree course in Management Engineering; two curricula in Energy Science and Mechanical Engineering of the Graduate School of Engineering Science at the Polytechnic University of Marche.
The Department is structured in a number of research groups that have homogeneous scientific interests. The research is supported by several laboratories and computer facilities. Most researchers have collaborations with other universities, agencies and institutes, and participates in national and international research programs. Special attention is given to technology transfer to public and private companies, and cooperation with the local context, social and economic.
The high quality and quantity of the developed research is documented by publications produced annually on international excellence, acts of national and international conferences and chapters of national and international books and magazines patents. The Department is also engaged in intensive science activities through conferences, seminars and specialized courses.

UN. degli Studi di PERUGIA - Dipartimento DICA<

UN. degli Studi di PERUGIA - Dipartimento DICA

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of PERUGIA studies has a center of excellence at the branch of Terni.

The Terni pole led by La Torre professor is specializzatato in materials technology.The pole is equipped with instrumentation and expertise in particular in the research and testing of new materials products with innovative raw materials and / or secondary raw materials with particular attention to the polymer industry.
The high quality and quantity of the developed research is documented by publications produced annually on international excellence, acts of national and international conferences and chapters of national and international books and magazines patents. The Department is also engaged in intensive science activities through conferences, seminars and specialized courses.